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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

“Get the LED in!”

“Light-emitting diodes” are pretty much “instant” light, and their light quality is remarkable.
  • LEDs don’t have filaments (that can burn out). They generate very little heat and last four times as long.
  • LEDs have a higher up-front cost than incandescents and fluorescents. Yet, weighing that against their longevity and light output, the Department of Energy estimates that LED lighting could cut national consumption by 29% by 2025. That’s about $100 billion in light bill savings. As if that wasn’t enough…
  • Up-front costs will shrink with volume. LEDs are already in thousands of electronics and commercial environments. As more uses for LEDs are found, manufacturers are getting more efficient – meaning lower costs and more applications for you.
  • LEDs stay cool to the touch, and they don’t have that “nervous” off-on cycle you sometimes get with improperly installed fluorescents. (We can eliminate that too.) Incandescent light bulbs are hot, so just think how this affects the comfort in your home and seasonal bills.

All in all, LEDs are a very bright idea.

Lightning Strikes

There’s an overlooked culprit that results in millions of dollars each year in damages…


A structural lightning rod system, in addition to whole house surge protection, can offer your family peace-of-mind.

Lightning likes technology as much as you. Your best bet for preserving your gadgets is to turn off electronics during a storm.

Your best defense for your home? A good offense. Don’t wait until lightning strikes. Call us now before the fall storm season is in full swing, and we’ll make sure your electrical system is ready to go.

What Kind of Security Lighting Is Best for You?

You don’t want your home to become the target of criminal activity. The shocking truth is that many families will experience burglary, vandalism or worse.

How can you ensure that your family isn’t one of them?

One of the easiest measures is security lighting, including:
  • A well-shielded, low pressure sodium fixture
  • High pressure sodium fixtures, metal halide fixtures or even low wattage fluorescent lamps
  • Well-controlled and installed floodlights or spotlights
  • Infrared sensor lights

Remember, let us know how we can help you make – and keep – your home and family safer. That’s what we’re here for.

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